Wednesday, September 1, 2010

A Quick Note on Machiavelli’s Discourses, I.7 and I.8

Deep For a Truck Driver to understand:))

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It is rare that read­ing clas­si­cal his­tory or phi­los­o­phy over­laps with any­thing we’re going through today. In fact, I want to elim­i­nate many of the entries where I’ve con­tended that some­thing is wrong because it doesn’t match up with some older exam­ple of how things should work. These are very tricky issues to sort through, and what one should be read­ing for is a sharp­en­ing of judg­ment generally.

Still, I just got through argu­ing with a con­ser­v­a­tive friend who was will­ing to give Bre­it­bart a free pass merely because he’s suc­cess­ful. I know that in a coun­try even remotely just, Michael Moore would have been sued suc­cess­fully for libel over Fahren­heit 9/11 and bank­rupted. It’s not only wrong not to hold Bre­it­bart to the same stan­dard — I see more from his sites cir­cu­lat­ing daily, as if lying is some­thing all Amer­i­cans should aspire to — but it’s def­i­nitely not healthy for us polit­i­cally. It isn’t really the nature of pol­i­tics to lie about other people’s rep­u­ta­tion con­sis­tently and win votes (and yes, there are peo­ple who are account­able for the nas­ti­ness of what was/is said about Pres­i­dent Bush).


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