Thursday, September 23, 2010

Obama battles bigoted bugs

You cannot make this stuff up:))

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The Obama administration has hit a new low in race-obsessed government. The post-racial president can't even fight bedbugs without affirmative action.

Last week, the Environmental Protection Agency announced to "environmental justice" advocacy groups that the agency plans to spend more than a half-million dollars battling the bedtime pests in "communities disproportionately exposed to environmental harms and risk." That's bureaucratese for minority communities.

If bigoted bugs were singling out blacks, Hispanics and American Indians, liberals might have a rational reason for working harder to protect them, but in New York, where bedbugs have gone big-time, they are hitting the rich as well as the poor, black and white alike. After all, we taste the same. That's one reason the critters have been dubbed "Bloombugs" - for the famously rich Mayor Michael R. Bloomberg who has been so ineffective in fighting the plague of bloodthirsty insects.


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