Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Kims back in the driver's seat

Ooh! So NorKo sinks a South Korean military ship and we better back off, lest they strike out against South Korea! Gotta love that logic.

So we basically say to Kim the Younger: do as Daddy has done and you will be both respected and rewarded.


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NYT John Pomfret reporting that America and its allies in Asia are working to reopen talks with North Korea, afraid that the ongoing succession process could send the whole relationship down the path to war.

Score one for the Kims and so much for Team Obama's "strategic patience" (tough talk and shows of force and letting the Kims stew in their own paranoid juices).  I had thought the White House had settled on a solid path of not caving in, but Obama seems to have chickened out rather quickly:

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