Wednesday, November 20, 2013

I Got your back…I Love the Military

Obama Urges Congress to Support Tricare Fees

On Monday the White House pressed the Pentagon to rein in Tricare costs and begin a new round of base closings as the Senate took up the National Defense Authorization Act on the military’s 2014 budget….

Veterans and  Retirees Write your Politicians and remind them that we fought for our right to vote and that we do exercise it… A lot of us were promised Free medical if we gave the Government 20 years… Now we pay through the teeth twice?

It’s a Dogs Life…. Obama care Patient

It is a Dogs Life...  One man’s Yorkie is reaping the benefits of Obamacare after the Colorado healthcare exchange processed and approved an application in the dog’s name   I love the irony of this… What is next? Dead Democrat VotersSmile???

Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Nanny State Versus Personal Responsibility

So Finally someone has questioned the Government Interference

A senior fellow with the Independent Women's Forum has concerns that new research on vehicle safety systems will take away the responsibility of adults.

The federal government said this month it is speeding up research on things that automatically prevent a driver from operating a vehicle if he or she is drunk and/or not wearing a seat belt properly. It comes after an increase last year in the number of traffic fatalities, some of them involving people not wearing seat belts.

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Portland Oregon Crooks and Thieves Water Bureau edition


Hat Tip KATU and Dan Tilkin

Plans to replace the dilapidated mobile home that used to house the caretaker - a double-wide that was purchased for $79,950 in 2007, by the way - were approved amid fireworks from Portland city council members Randy Leonard and Amanda Fritz.
A sample exchange from their debate:
Fritz: “What are we buying for $460,000?”
Water Bureau administrator David Shaff: “Just that, a house.”
Fritz: “A nice house. How about what are we buying … ”
Leonard: “I think that's uncalled for. If you want to ask questions that are professional and have answers, I appreciate that. But question that are impugning the bureaus integrity or anybody else is uncalled for and that's playing to the audience.”
Fritz:I don't comment on your behavior, and I would appreciate the same courtesy.”
It’s certainly not the first controversial project for the Water Bureau; in fact, it’s not even the first controversial house….

Monday, November 18, 2013

And the Hits keep on coming

The beat goes on … Portland Oregon crooks and politicians.

It’s been a rough twelve months for Portland’s administrative and financial branch of government.

The list of major issues is lengthy. Since fall 2012, problems involving the Office of Management & Finance include:

Friday, November 15, 2013

Rats leavung a Shrinking Ship??? Kurt Schrader, Peter DeFazio part ways with Democratic leaders on health insurance bill |

 Rats leaving the Sinking Ship???

Schrader and DeFazio are the two Democrats in the delegation who face potentially competitive reelection races next year, and they have both been more apt to criticize the president than other Democrats in the delegation.

DeFazio said in a statement that he has always been willing to support "common sense fixes" to the Affordable Care Act and that "he joined with Democrats and Republicans to make it easier for Oregonians who like their insurance plan to keep that plan."

Schrader expressed similar sentiments, saying in a statement that it would help "provide folks who have lost their existing insurance plans with some certainty for the time being."

Kurt Schrader, Peter DeFazio part ways with Democratic leaders on health insurance bill |

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