Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Portland Oregon Crooks and Thieves Water Bureau edition


Hat Tip KATU and Dan Tilkin

Plans to replace the dilapidated mobile home that used to house the caretaker - a double-wide that was purchased for $79,950 in 2007, by the way - were approved amid fireworks from Portland city council members Randy Leonard and Amanda Fritz.
A sample exchange from their debate:
Fritz: “What are we buying for $460,000?”
Water Bureau administrator David Shaff: “Just that, a house.”
Fritz: “A nice house. How about what are we buying … ”
Leonard: “I think that's uncalled for. If you want to ask questions that are professional and have answers, I appreciate that. But question that are impugning the bureaus integrity or anybody else is uncalled for and that's playing to the audience.”
Fritz:I don't comment on your behavior, and I would appreciate the same courtesy.”
It’s certainly not the first controversial project for the Water Bureau; in fact, it’s not even the first controversial house….

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