Thursday, March 24, 2011

Six Days????

The Japanese have a Mega Earthquake and Six days Later  …
In Portland Oregon a Main Thoroughfare bridge had to be replaced. Replacement of the 75-year- old bridge became necessary when, nearly two years ago, the wood supports ignited from a fire built by transients    This was in 2008…. Today the Pee Dot has an update…
Vancouver Avenue Bridge
Construction update
The Vancouver Ave Bridge is nearing completion, but weather has delayed concrete work and street paving.  Additional curb and sidewalk have recently been added to the project to improve pedestrian connectivity to the future Columbia Slough Recreational Trail on the north bank of the slough.  For the safety of both construction crews and the public, we prefer to wait until these improvements are complete before opening the bridge. 
UPDATE: Although there may be further delays due to weather, we hope to have the bridge open the first week in April 2011. What a Joke..we have in Portland…  Mayor Sam Adams. Head of Pee Dot
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