Tuesday, October 12, 2010

North Korea succession: Kim Jong-il's oldest son reveals ruling family fissure

The Hermit Kingdom has Dissent???? The Emperor's suit is fraying:))

Amplify’d from www.csmonitor.com

North Korea leader Kim Jong-il's oldest son, Kim Jong-nam, said he is 'personally opposed to the hereditary transfer' of power to his half-brother, Kim Jong-un.

Indeed, Kim Jong-nam, the son of an actress, professed “no interest” in a decision that he said “as a matter of course” would have been made by his father. Jong-nam, whose mother died in 2002, is assumed to have lost out on inheriting leadership after his arrest and detention in 2001 by immigration officials at Japan’s Narita Airport near Tokyo. Traveling on a fake Dominican passport, accompanied by two women and a son, aged four, he reportedly said he was bringing them to nearby Disneyland.

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